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Batman 5 Pack:

Gotham City 5 packGotham City is the name and it contains some awesome models. The top is a bike I have not seen before, but it looks very cool. Next is the 'Batman Begins' Batmobile - one of the best for sure - it was never released as a mainline car as far as I know. Then a Viper coupe with matte black paint. The helicopter looks very cool too but I don't recognize it - anybody know about it? please let me know. And the submarine is a mainline casting from a few years ago, but looks like it fits with the Gotham theme here - I might have to open this package!

Batman Action Set:

Batman Joker 2 car set

There are 2 "different" Batman action sets - This one with a Joker mini figure and a unique Cyclops, the other has the same Batmobile with a Riddler mini figure and unique Hyper Mite.

I did notice a slight difference in the color of some detail stripes on the top of the Batmobiles.

Hot Wheels 3:

Hot Wheels 3 pack

3 Hot Wheels cars packaged together. Not much else to say about this. All cars are recent releases in individual packaging as far as I can tell.

Radar Gun:

Wow, this thing is fun. It works great for finding out just how fast your cars are going, and it works in both full scale and 1/64 scale.

Hot Wheels Real Radar Gun

Track Aces With Stopwatch:

Track aces with Stopwatch

This is a fantastic idea. Only the fastest Hot Wheels models become track aces - now you can race them to see which design is fastest. A working stopwatch is included.

Great marketing!

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