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A Hot Wheels Car Collection

Pictures, information for new collectors.

This website was created to provide information on the world of Hot wheels collecting. Specifically, the 1/64 scale vehicles that have been a popular toy around the world since 1968.

Car models like Camaro, Mustang, Ferrari, Corvette and Porsche have been recreated in die cast with great attention to detail. Occasionally, other types of vehicles like motorcycles, air planes or trains are available. There have been a lot of original designs too, and you might be able to find a picture of your favorite vehicle here. 

Most current cars are easy to find but some limited editions and "treasure hunts" make collecting a challenge with thrilling possibilities.

As this site grows, it will become a showcase for photos of the cars and packages I have collected over the years. My own collection is far from complete but it will still take some time to get it all posted.

And since the availability of particular cars and variations can be different from region to region, it would be great to know what to expect at a store near you. So I welcome user feedback and look forward to hearing about the latest finds from wherever you may be located. 


2012 HW Premiere: Now posting the 2012's!

Hot Wheels Car Of The Day

Ford Falcon Race Car - blue

2012 First Editions # 4 

Ford Falcon Race Car

New Additions to the 2012 First Editions added March 26th! 
Troy Soldier
'71 Plymouth Road Runner
2012 Mustang Boss 302 Leguna Seca
'12 Camaro ZL1
'12 Lamborghini Aventador

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